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Flamora's Little Background Story

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 8, 2013, 11:29 PM
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Ages long ago in a distant time, there was a great war between Dark and Light. The war between them were so evenly match, one can not overrun the other. This great war lasted years and a certain type of clan is being fed up with it. This clan were known as the royal order. They've kept their beautiful palace in secrecy undergrounds, away from chaos that lies above them them. Though that day, they had enough of the nonsense between both the Light Impress and the Dark Impress. These two impresses are sisters, fighting for power once they were old enough to rule their own. The Royal Order have created a powerful book. A book strong enough to end this war once and for all, for the sake of peace. Though, one of the Dark Impress's spy manages to catch a drift of this powerful book and reported to her. Outraged, she went full assualt, trying to find this "peaceful palace." Once the Royal Order caught word of the Dark Inpress plans, they moved into defense quickly as possible. Once they'll all settled, they quickly begin the enchantment, releasing the power bound inside the book. But... a stroke of bad luck hit as an army of dark forces broke through the top. They flood the palace with evil, slaughtering every bystander in their rampage. Ponies were trapped within their own walls as the doors were shut close and too late to be opened. The Order hurried as one by one of their own kind being diminshed by evil leaving only one left. The Dark Impress was nearly at success as her men surrounded the last one. Though she manages to complete the incription and caused a great flash. Both Light and Dark impresses were sucked into the light and their souls torn apart from their bodies thus ending the war on the spot. After that incident, history was still being writing. After the great war ended and time was given to recover. The Order began to expand once more and have decided what to do with the angry souls. They stript the memories from them and placed it into a dark and white orb. Once that have been done, they picked a random child from their kind. A filly who was name as Flamora, she was only a couple months old and never knew what have happened in her early childhood life. The two souls were bound into her body already giving her cutie mark at the spot. She was guraded by two more alicorns who will represent as her parents. As the years gone by, her "parents" were ordered to keep her young with a spell, despite the royal blood special properties. Hundred of years went by, some ponies caught on with the history that happened long ago. They worried the two Impresses may return and cause havoc across the land. So they formed an assassintation plan against Flamora, hoping that the two souls bound within her dies as well. Though their plan failed as the "father" gotten in the way which saved Flamora a terrible fate that she will never know. Till that time came and ponies forgotten about the old history in the mid 1800's. Flamora was free to grow up with her life and continue on. Once she is 180, a certain event have happened. Her powers (whichs was the two souls) have some how seperated from her body, she still looks the same but now have sisters. Who are newly known has LightFlamora and DarkFlamora. They are free to enter in and out Flamora as they please. Which still allow her to use their power but... she became more happier now that she have sisters who care, though oly a little from the dark one. They lived on and who knows what may happen next to the Flamora sisters...


United States

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